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1969 Clover Valley High School Faculty and Staff


New Pics from Mad Max

August 6, 2005



 Class of 74.jpg (875465 bytes) 

Class of 1974



     final baseball game.jpg (36213 bytes)  

Clover Valley's last baseball game was on the road to TM.  Our final team was full of underclassmen.  The baseball team would travel with the girls track team.  Here is the first of a few photos I will share with you.  Being the starting center fielder make taking game photos hard.  Along with only a kodak camera.  We lost the game.  I was up with two outs left in the game.  The only senior on the team who batted after me, Jim walked up to be and said, don't make the last out.  This is my last game and I want to get my ups.  I did walked.  Jim got his final ups.



    final baseball game 2.jpg (121185 bytes)

From the bench at TM during the final baseball game. 
#8 is Jerry and #13 is Russ.  I believe Greg is on the left on the bench in the lettermen's jacket. 



final bus ride home.jpg (415450 bytes)   

Here is the bus ride back to school after the final baseball game and girls track. 
In the foreground is Patti Krause, the sleeping gal in the row behind is Roxie (Andy's wife), the sleeping guy behind Roxie is Johnny Fellbaum and the younger gal behind Johnny is Patti Aho.



   final students of CV 2.jpg (408502 bytes)  

The last students